Global Tooling Integration

Future Engineering has earned the classification of Global Tooling Integrator by being a world class provider on injection molds for numerous clients in the Automotive, Aviation, Consumer Products and Industrial Products markets.

Our Global Tooling Integration allows for seamless program management and mold design domestically at Future Engineering so our customers will be able to communicate, & track the progress of you're their tools without having to deal with the time zone or language difference. The manufacture of your molds off shore, at a world class factory, provides a cost savings to you as well.

Before your molds are shipped to you, they will be fully debugged, tuned and qualified at our facility in China using the decoupled molding process. We provide you with all the process data from the samples. This allows your molds to be set up to run production with a wider processing window producing higher quality, more consistent parts.

Whether your tools will be shipped to your own facility or to a third party molder anywhere in the world, Future Engineering can arrange all the logistics and handle all of the fees associated with getting your tools to their destination.