Moldflow Analysis

Future Engineering is an authorized and Certified Moldflow Consulting Partner. We have achieved Autodesk Moldflow's Silver Level Certification.

This endorsement from Moldflow Corporation is your assurance that the consultants at Future Engineering have completed a specific training and testing program. In order to achieve certification, authorized consultants are required to be trained in, be proficient in, and use the latest versions of the Moldflow software.

Not only do our consultants have the knowledge and certification to use Moldflow, they also have an extensive, practical plastics and tooling background. This experience in combination with the analysis software provides our customers with reliable and predictable results saving not only time but money as well.

Future Engineering uses Moldflow's MPI Plastic Insight software, not just the MPA Plastic Advisor version. We are licensed to support the following MPI products: Synergy, Fusion, 3D, Fiber, Flow, Cool, & Warp.

Future Engineering can also help save even more time and money by providing our customers with our synchronized design approach. With our experience and background we can help you develop your product with both tooling and molding considerations in mind instead of the typical "throw it over the wall" approach. This allows us to trim weeks off your lead times.