Certifications & Affiliations

Future Engineering is proud to be partnered with the following companies for analysis and manufacturing.


Autodesk Moldflow Insight
Autodesk Moldflow Insight allows you to simulate the filling and packing phases of the injection molding process to help predict the flow behavior of plastic melts and achieve high quality manufacturing. Engineers can optimize gate locations, balance runner systems, evaluate processing conditions, and predict and correct molded part defects. Mold Makers can analyze the effects of non-uniform mold temperatures, determine optimized valve gate timing sequences, and compare flow through hot versus cold runner systems.


Cosmos Tooling Solution Ltd.
Cosmos Tooling Solution Ltd. provides both domestic and export plastic injection molds with an emphasis on high quality export tooling. Along with having all of the necessary equipment for building high precision quality molds, Cosmos has a full Quality Control department and an Engineering department. Cosmos also has production capabilities and the ability to perform secondary operations as well as provide complete assembly operations.